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Is the perfect pop song two minutes and 42 seconds long?

Dude's got a point or two. I've always preferred the short rocker to the blustery epic. But Carrie Brownstein thinks maybe not so much, which is probably why Sleater-Kinney's last album had so many long-ass songs on it (two at 4:55! one at 11:01!!!). I mean, The Woods fucking rocks, but sometimes I look at my watch, you know?

2:42 does have a lot to recommend it -- some of my favorite songs fall into this arbitrary time limit:

--"Michelle," the first Beatles song I ever heard. The article picks "Lovely Rita" as the Fabs' entry in the 2:42 canon, but "Yes It Is" is better
--"The Book of Love" (Magnetic Fields), which is, y'know, our song
--"Folsom Prison Blues," "Daddy Sang Bass," and "Sea of Heartbreak." Johnny Cash knew the score, though sadly "I Walk the Line" lasts one second too many
--PJ Harvey's "Me-Jane." Tarzan, I'm pleadin', stop your fuckin' screamin'!
--"Tiny Steps," one of Elvis Costello's greatest and creepiest tunes
--"Baby Please Don't Go," "Jennifer Juniper," "If Not for You": Not all hippies need 45-minute guitar solos to make their points.
--Also, both "Christ for President" (Wilco & Billy Bragg) and "Jesus Was Way Cool" (King Missile) clock in at 2:42. Make of that what you will.

What's on your 2:42 list?

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Phineas @ 04/22/2008 07:58 AM CST

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