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Week 17: wire and bead bracelet
Originally uploaded by rubbernun
Stuck at home this weekend with a headcold while Jim's visiting his mom, I had some time between naps to take to the bead box for a spell. I actually made 3.5 bracelets today, but I ran out of toggle clasps (how did that happen?) so I was only able to finish one.

I got some great Czech glass rounds at the bead store in Peoria a few weeks back -- smoky blue with an iridescent finish -- and these great, flower-shaped silver connectors. I combined them with some 20-gauge bead wire for a quick bracelet that looks pretty good until you look closely and see that my wire work is still pretty remedial. I'll test this piece out for a few days and see if it's sturdy enough. If not, I'll remake it (hopefully better).

I'm wearing it tomorrow night to a special dinner party, which I will tell you all about afterwards. Can you stand the suspense? (Probably.)

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