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Shortly after the Chicago Reader article about the whole primary voter disenfranchisement brouhaha, I got a phone call from a woman named Eileen inviting me to a dinner party.

Eileen and her partner, Brian, started hosting these monthly parties several years ago, getting together groups of interesting and unusual people to eat and talk. The couple was eventually profiled in the Trib for their eclectic salons. The event died off for a while, but Eileen revived the parties a few months ago after reading about the Profiles in Courage awards. She wanted to start honoring regular people who do brave things.

And apparently that's why she called me and Angela, the other woman who reported election problems at our polling place that day and received a metric fuck-ton of grief and name-calling from bloggers and the media in return. Eileen -- whom neither of us had ever met -- thought we did the right thing in spite of the odds and deserved good food and conversation for our troubles.

So that was cool.

And last night Angela and I were guests of honor at the Sunday Night Dinner Club. We got to bring our fellas and meet a bunch of interesting people (some of whom were new to the fold and some who had been attending for ages) and eat delicious veggie chili and pet a nice dog named Murray. Oh, and we had to tell the tale of the "magic pens" several times each, but people were nice about it and no one called us stupid.

That was also cool.

I've been needing cool things in my life lately. Last week was a bad week (if you've been following our little family saga), and being appreciated by a couple dozen strangers was oddly invigorating. Hell, just getting out of the house and talking to people was a fascinating change of pace! I've been feeling really isolated and alone lately, partly because I keep getting sick with flu and headcolds and whatall, which means I have to stay home while Jim takes care of his mom (chemo = no immunity to anything), and I end up moping around the house by myself feeling crappy and getting nothing productive done. So, yeah, just putting on nice clothes was a kick. I also baked some cookies.

Um...I'm not sure where I'm going with this little pity party. So, let's just recap: Dinner was nice. I feel less lonely. Ta-da.

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I can already tell this will be the coolest thing I read all week. What a wonderful surprise!

And you totally deserve to be honored for this. Would that more people had your persistence.

ChgoRed @ 05/05/2008 08:01 PM CST

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