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Our near-weekly "vacations" in Peoria have left us scrambling for interesting things to do between hospital visits. Peoria is not without its charms, mind you, but we've pretty much exhausted them and now spend a lot of time watching Animal Planet and HGTV home makeover shows.

But this past weekend, we lucked out. We saw Urinetown.

Yes, Urinetown. In Peoria.

It was not half bad. The sound was muddy and not all the singers could rise above the little band (in which the conductor sat on a prop toilet the whole show), but the Peoria Players put on a lively show about money and micturition.

And the unexpected sight of Jim's grandmother seated two rows in front of us was worth the price of admission. Sadly, when we caught up with her after the show to see if she liked it, she pursed her lips and gave a quick, "No."

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