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Ah, summer. After an emotionally crappy winter and spring with unrelentingly crappy weather, it's nice to enjoy the sunshine and whatnot. But for me, every muggy summer day brings with it the nagging fear of migraines. Hot + my head = bad, especially if there's rain involved. I spend all the steamy days feeling like there's a migraine lurking in the shadows of my brain, waiting for the least opportune moment to set up camp in my grey matter, pound in its tent stakes, and start a roaring campfire.

I've had four of the little bastards in the past month, including a three-day crusher that finally let go on Saturday night.

Then I woke up at four this morning with the current migraine, so brutal that I had to stay home from work today because I couldn't sit up for more than half an hour without dizzy spells. I'm on my way to my fourth nap of the day. I think the meds are working less and less these days, which stresses me out even more.

Anybody want a slightly damaged head? I'm in the market for a new one.

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