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I'm impatient to get back to what my life was like before Jim's mom got sick -- blogging, crafting, cooking real food, seeing real friends -- but I'm overwhelmed by the thought of actually doing any of those things. My social calendar is starting to fill up again, but I still feel isolated.

Making any sort of plan freaks me out, and any obligations on my time (including work) make me surly. But then when I have hours to myself, I don't do anything with them.

A friend who leads support groups for cancer patients and their families says it's normal not to feel normal just yet. But it's frustrating. It makes me cranky. I can't seem to find any balance right now.

But this interview with Teri Garr is fantastic.

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Been there. Still climbing out of the hole. I sort of see daylight. Maybe we should get together for some kind of surly loner stitch n bitch. I'll bring the Wellbutrin, you bring the chocolate.

B @ 07/22/2008 09:39 PM CST

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