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For my money (which, admittedly, is none at all because it's the Internet, where information wants to be free), Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog has been providing some of the damned finest commentary this election season. He's been brutal against McCain and the media, but also hasn't let the Obama camp off the hook for allowing bullshit lies to get out of control, among other disappointments.

Sure, sometimes his bracing pessimism can bum me out, but he's been right about a lot of things so far. Democratic candidates everywhere should hire him to knock some sense into their heads.

But don't take my word for it. Here's part of a post today on the nutzoid Hillary people who want to fuck up everything for everyone because they didn't get their way:

This morning on NPR, Renee Montagne interviewed two Hillary Clinton delegates, Awilda Marquez and Daniel Kagan, who still feel loyalty to their preferred candidate. Fine, I accept that -- vote for Hillary in the roll call if you must. What I care about is what you'll do in November.


RENEE MONTAGNE: Does the fact that neither of you say you'll vote Republican, does that translate into you're both going to vote for Barack Obama come November?

AWILDA MARQUEZ: I'm not sure yet. He hasn't asked me for my vote. He's asked me for money, but he's not asked me for my vote.

Kagan says he'll vote Obama but won't work for him. Fine -- I can live with that.

But Awilda Marquez, you're an idiot.

You know why? Because this is not about you. We are not electing the president of you -- we are electing the president of the United States. Voting is not something you do for yourself -- voting is something you do for your country. You do it for your kids and grandkids, you do it for your neighborhood and neighborhoods like yours, you do it for schoolchildren and workers and elderly people and servicemembers and everyone else around you. It is not an act of self-actualization. It is an act of citizenship.

I've seen this movie. I saw it in 2000. Back then, the invocation of self came from Ralph Nader supporters, who said, "Democrats think I owe them my vote." The answer to which was at the time: No, nobody thinks you owe anything to Democrats. But you do it to your country to keep the party of Ken Starr and Tom DeLay and Trent Lott and William Bennett and Antonin Scalia and Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter the hell out of the White House, especially since they already control both houses of Congress and the Supreme Court. But no -- for Naderites, it was about not being courted and stroked and placated. It wasn't about what was good for the country.

And we see the result.

The demonstrators outside the Democratic convention call their movement Re-create '68" We should call the Hillary-absolutist movement "Re-create 2000." That's really what it is.

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