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Last night:

"Candidate McCain now supports the wartime tax cuts that Senator McCain once denounced as immoral. Candidate McCain criticizes Senator McCain's own climate change bill. Candidate McCain says he would not vote against the immigration bill John McCain wrote. Are you kidding? Talk about being for it before being against it! Before he ever debates Barack Obama, John McCain should finish the debate with himself."

Way to find your spine, John Kerry! Four years too late, but still. I couldn't believe that was you on the radio last night. Such fire! (relatively speaking)

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Way to go Amy! I saw Aunt Kitty in the crowd on Mon and she has been on the floor Tues and Wed. I haven't heard if she is at the stadium or not, but if there is a chance, you'll know she'll be there.

Mom C @ 08/28/2008 06:30 PM CST

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