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Michael Moore says Gustav hitting New Orleans on the eve of the RNC is "proof that there is a god in heaven."

How revolting. Delighting in disaster -- especially in a hurricane that has already killed dozens of people -- because it might make some politicians look bad is appalling. Moore's comment is not funny. It's not satire. It's not speaking truth to power. And it's certainly not helping. It's fucked up. Why Keith Olbermann didn't call him on it in the clip is a mystery.

Of course, there's plenty of cause to be cynical about Gustav, but that's different from Moore's creepy schadenfreude. My prediction: Gustav will be a nasty storm but will kill fewer than 1,800 Americans, which the GOP will tout as proof that Republican Bobby Jindal is Teh Best! Governor! Evah! and Democrat Kathleen Blanco was a genocidal maniac. Then McCain will pick Jindal as his second running mate because there's just no way he's really serious about Palin, right?

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