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Sarah Palin found out her most recent child would be born with Down Syndrome and "decided" to carry the pregnancy to term. Bristol Palin is 17 and pregnant, and her parents are happy she "decided" to keep the baby.

Deciding. That sounds an awful lot like choosing.

Like a lot of "pro-life" women, Sarah Palin is pro-choice when it comes to herself and her family. Just not so much when it comes to you and yours.

Advisers said Palin's daughter should be afforded privacy like the other candidates' children. Said Schmidt: "If people try to politicize this, the American people will be appalled."

Whatever. Sarah Palin believes the buns in her family's various ovens are private matters. The bun in your oven, however, is a matter of government import. She is on the team that is politicizing the contents of this nation's uteruses, and she can go straight to hell.

(Oh, and she also supports abstinence-only sex ed. We see how well that worked out for her family.)

The Obama campaign is also asking everyone to respect the Palin women's privacy at this trying time, but I say bullshit. This is EXACTLY what the reproductive rights struggle is about. Every woman -- Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, you, me -- deserves the right to decide for herself, privately, whether or not she wants to have a baby.

EDIT: Ann at Feministing says it better.

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OK then. Stay tuned for the nastiest, most hypocritical election campaign ever. And McCain will win. Hard to believe, I know, but the swing vote indies can claim the moral high ground with Sarah Palin. "Well, we know McCain won't serve out his term, so we're really voting for a woman!"

JT Elder @ 09/04/2008 04:32 AM CST

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