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For much of this year, I pretty much abandoned the whole eat-right-and-exercise thing in favor of a more relaxed eat-crap-and-sleep-too-much lifestyle. And I put on 10 pounds and none of my clothes fit and I felt like shit most of the time.

But now -- now! -- things are changing. I've been eating better again and walking more. I've been riding my bike, and Jim got a bike so we can ride our bikes together. It's adorable, the bike riding.

I also joined Jim's fancy-schmancy health club so that we can exercise together before work. Well, not exactly together, like we're spotting each other on weights or whatever. But it's a lot harder to blow off my morning workout schedule if I go to the gym with someone else.

And I starting taking a dance class on Saturdays to work on my flexibility and stamina and also because dancing is fun. Especially go-go dancing! Wanna see my hully-gully?

Oh, and in keeping with my previously mentioned goal of not dressing so much like a teenaged Smiths fan, today I bought a green dress. It's a very dark, almost black, green. But still green. I also bought a skirt with some orange and red in it.

Soon I will be a completely different person, in that I will be pretty much exactly the same except slightly smaller and less gloomily attired. I'll still be a sassy minx.

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I didn't see that last post on peachy prom dresses! You were beautiful in that dress. you should let me help you find some smart clothes. I hate all the graphic prints that are out there now.

Mom C @ 09/06/2008 08:10 PM CST

Go, Amy!

amy_b @ 09/07/2008 06:12 AM CST

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