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snail on stone
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It has rained so much in the last three days that I think we're experiencing the famous biblical plague of snails (that's one of the plagues, right? It's either snails or nacho cheese). There are little snails -- about the size of my thumbnail -- all over the front of our building, including one about seven feet up the bricks. It must have taken him all night to get up there! This one's perched on the stone border around the front door, about two feet up. Perhaps they're all trying to get to the roof for some sort of freaky snail ritual that will bring about blood rains and vengeance and the end times.

Sadly, some of the snails on our walkway have gotten crushed underfoot because, really, who expects snails all over the pavement?

I spent most of yesterday out in the rain myself, first getting back and forth to dance class, then wandering around Renegade Craft Fair. Many of the vendors were packing up and leaving in the early evening (the show was supposed to end at 10) as the rain just kept on falling and the crowd kept on dwindling. I only bought one thing, and it wasn't even what I went specifically to buy. Oh, well. There's always Etsy.

But despite the shopping disappointment and being soaked to the skin and having a low-level migraine all day, I had a good time. I was with good friends, and I had the presence of mind to put on my winter rubber boots before I left the house. I looked like a dork in boots and shorts, but I tell you -- warm, dry feet lower one's personal misery index considerably.

Today is going to be an indoor day, as the remnants of Ike make Chicago a theme park called Splashyland (now with extra flooding!). At yesterday's Lincoln Square Apple Fest (which was also sparsely attended because of the rain), I bought a whole peck of apples for nine bucks, so I'm making a big vat of applesauce. Then maybe some knitting, maybe some reading, definitely some napping. I suggest everyone else do the same. Stay safe and dry and have a cup of tea. You'll thank me later.

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