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I've been busy this week, but here's a bunch of stuff I've been looking at and thinking about and hearing people say on the Clark bus.


Josh Marshall explains the ACORN fake controversy in a way that even your crazy right-wing family members should be able to understand.


John Cleese's Ode to Sean Hannity


As I was waiting for the Clark bus tonight, this 40-ish Mexican man with two little boys in tow asked me if he could say something to me. I said yes, and he told me how he wanted to vote for Barack Obama. He said in his heavy accent that he knew Obama was not a perfect man, but that "he loves the knowledge. And when you love the knowledge, no one can stop you." He explained that he's been taking philosophy classes (seriously, just out of nowhere he started telling me all this) and started talking about Plato and what belongs to the soul and a bunch of other stuff I couldn't really follow because of his accent. Then he said, "McCain is...and old fart!" That bit was clear as a bell.


If you make a small donation to the Obama campaign, you can watch videos of filmmaker Miranda July and super punk-ass guitarist Carrie Brownstein wrestling!


There's a gallery show opening this week in Wisconsin on Craftivism, curated by the unyieldingly awesome Faythe Levine, and the poster for th event is the illustrated DIY Trunk Show Craftifesto that Cinnamon and I wrote! Also, the Handmade Nation book (companion to the documentary) is out, with the Craftifesto right up there in the front across from the introduction. Woo!

Speaking of the documentary, check out the opening credits!

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