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The fall air is bringing out my nesting instincts. I've been cooking like mad the past few weekends and building a stash of goodness in our freezer. So far I've made:

--two quarts of pasta sauce
--a quart and a half of vegetable stock, most of which went into
--a gallon of roasted tomato soup a quart of applesauce every week, sometimes with pears and/or raspberries. The Crack House has been smelling amazing lately. I've been falling into a quiet, meditative rhythm of peeling and slicing and stirring, a welcome relief from the stress of the first half of the year.

Yesterday at the farmers' market, my neighbor and I used her friend's car to stock up on heavy stuff like cider, apples, and root vegetables. I'd planned to get a combined half-bushel of Galas and Red Corts for snacking and baking (respectively), but I realized too late -- as my knees buckled while toting about 600 pounds of fruit out of the car -- that I'd been given a half bushel of each. Or roughly 120 apples, currently filling every shelf of our fridge.

OK. So! We're going to have a lot of apple-themed food for the next few weeks! Jim and I used up about 25 apples today -- he made apple-raisin muffins, and I made a extra-large vat of the weekly applesauce plus some apple butter -- but holy crow do we have a lot of apples left!

Got any good recipes?

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Playing around with a surplus of pumpkins. Have always done the brined and dried seed thing, and of course pie, and muffins and bread. Pancakes. Scones. Biscuits. Trying pumpkin butter(load up the crock pot and let 'er bubble), and pumpkin leather. Dehydrator, same thing. We'll see what happens. Pumpkin pickles turned out decent. Anybody for pumpkin lasagna?

JT Elder @ 11/04/2008 10:16 PM CST

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