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Flipping between CNN, MSNBC, Fox (just for laughs), and Comedy Central, we happened to be here when the magic happened:

It's fitting, really, getting the news from the only purveyors of real news for the last eight years.

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That's where we were, too! It made me happy.

amy_b @ 11/07/2008 07:46 AM CST

what you mean the Colbert Report isn't real news?

I have not watched a minute of Network News since finding my Stephen....

eighmie @ 11/07/2008 01:22 PM CST

I have to believe Obama will be encountering a couple of Bay of Pigs moments in his first 100 days. (Look it up, "The Best and the Brightest") But, having been part of the generation that got us where we are today, in spite of our best efforts to the contrary, let me pass the torch, graciously, reverently, in humility, and with the heart felt admonition, don't fuck it up as badly as we have. Good luck, and Good Night.

JT Elder @ 11/07/2008 08:44 PM CST

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