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I'm usually a Grinchy McScroogersons around the holidays just on principle, but this year I can't even fake the necessary modicum of enthusiasm. Maybe it's the residual effects of the two-day-migraine-that-ate-my-weekend-plans talking, but I just want this year to be over already. I'd like to give the rest of December a miss and just start fresh with January.

This year has sucked. And not just for me -- almost everyone I know is having a shitty 2008. Sure, there was the election (yay), but it's been tempered for most of my nearest and dearest by sick parents and sick kids, bad bones and bad organs, bad jobs and bad luck. It's been nearly nonstop sadness and surgeries and vigils and funerals.

And I don't think any of it is just a normal consequence of getting older and thus knowing more people with health problems or whatever. I think this whole year is cursed. Let's all agree to take a cozy little nap and wake up in January. Maybe around the 20th. I know, I know -- Obama can't cure cancer or anything like that. But it's got to get better, right?


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He can't...? Well, why the hell did I vote for him then?!?

Oh, yeah. Right.

Brenda @ 12/09/2008 06:04 AM CST

Hold on, hold on, news flash from Iraq. Bush was pelted by shoes thrown at him by irate Iraqii citizens. Seems we could learn a few things from them about expression in a free democracy. So, the year ends on a positive note.

JT Elder @ 12/14/2008 08:06 PM CST

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