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Let's see if the new administration magically improves what iTunes randomly plays for me, shall we?

Winter Coat -- Bishop Allen
Who Kicked the Light Plug (Out of the Socket) -- Betty Hutton
If You Fall -- Azure Ray
The Infanta -- Decemberists
Kiss Them for Me -- Siouxsie & the Banshees
Ontario -- the Mountain Goats
Kiss Kiss Kiss -- Yoko Ono
Careless -- Ella Fitzgerald
Hey Bulldog -- the Beatles
Anything You Want -- Spoon

Not bad, Mr. President. Not bad at all. The Yoko/Ella juxtaposition is especially reminiscent of our patchwork heritage being our strength. (By the way, did anyone else think President Obama [a phrase I may never get tired of typing] was sending secret shout-outs to the crafters with his lines about "patchwork" and "makers of things" and such and such? I like to think so. DIY Trunk Show in the Rose Garden next year, people!)

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