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Last February, I sold my car and switched to iGo car sharing. It's been strange at times not having my own car, but most of the time it's been liberating -- no expensive gas, no digging it out after a snowstorm, no fear of towing on street cleaning day.

But how did the iGo year compare financially, you might well arsk?

Here's the average year's expenses for the Feministiva:

$500 for insurance
$75 for license plate tags
$75 for a Chicago city sticker
$360 for gas (I spent about $30/month generally)
$800 for maintenance (in addition to stuff like oil and wiper fluid, the last year I had the car I had to replace the brake lines and get the AC fixed)

Total: $1,810

One year of iGo trips on the pay-as-you-go Go Standard plan (which includes insurance, gas, fees, and maintenance but not mileage) total: $646.08!

Basically I'm paying about a third of what I used to, but with about 10x as much peace of mind. I'd say it's been a successful experiment! Yay, iGo!

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