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After my first go-go class in months, I hauled my sweaty self down to the Renegade Craft Fair on Saturday to shop and wander and see some vendor pals I only see when they come through town for shows. I had a plan and a budget for shopping, but I knew I was in trouble when I spent all my cash in the first two booths I visited. But it was good. If you're going to part with your hard-earned dough, it should totally be for handmade goodies from real people. Yes!

The haul:
--Shawnimals ninja button (how did I not already have one of these?)
--Papaya/mango soap from Oliba. I love me some fancy soaps.
--The ORK Great Lakes poster in t-shirt form. Michigan pride, y'all!
--a recycled cashmere sweater-skirt from Kiku. So soft.
--a nifty cat toy from Emily Kircher, Recycling Artist
--and my favorite thing of the day, the thing that made me break the budget and head back to the cash station, a terrific handmade dress from JoClothing. Her stuff was great, really comfy and cute. The dress is 50's style, pale orange with a split round collar and half-length sleeves, in a ribbed cotton jersey, fitted but not clingy. (I've never seen "Mad Men," but I'm totally digging its influence on current fashion. Those dresses and pencil skirts are crazy flattering!) And her stuff was shockingly affordable. Seriously. She needs to raise her prices and pay herself for her time and talent. Because her stuff is so cute!

Anyhoo. It was a good day, even though I was a little burned out on posters and ironic t-shirts by the end. Other observations about the fair:

--Best vendor name: a men's underwear purveyor called Junk Drawers. Heh.
--Overhead: "She can fill a yogurt container like you can't believe!"
--I lost count of the number of people drinking PBR tallboys. As a non-drinker, I always feel kind of left out of the whole beer thing anyway, but I honestly do not get the fondness for Pabst Blue Ribbon among the well-educated and oddly dressed. Enlighten me, hipsters. Do you actually enjoy the taste of PBR? Are you making a statement about class? Are you pretending to be Dennis Hopper? What?

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