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It's no secret to just about everyone who knows me that I hate the hell out of "the Christmas season." The actual holiday itself is OK, I guess, even if you're not a Christian. But I hate all the crap that goes with it: the needless consumption, the pressure, the hideous and wasteful decor, the music. My god, the music.

But I'd rather not hate this year. Life is short. So to combat my descent into Negative Nellie-dom, my annual Scroogefest, my Grinchapalooza, I'm going to write about one thing every day that doesn't suck. From today until New Year's Day, I will still stuff my ears with sugarplums whenever someone cranks up the Mannheim Goddamn Steamroller, but I'll also try to go to my happy place. Plus I'll try to resurrect my little blog in the process. Poor neglected thing.

So here's Day 1: Mashed potatoes. Man, I love mashed potatoes! I boil them up -- skins on -- and mash them with more sour cream than is probably a good idea. But the sour cream makes them tangy and fluffy! And today I tried out a new recipe for vegetarian gravy that was so tasty I nearly fell over backwards. And I have leftovers, so I'll be eating mashed potatoes all weekend and not complaining about it one little bit.

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