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This morning I started to stress out horribly, trying to figure out how to pack the maximum amount of activity AND relaxation into the final day of my four-day holiday break. Something about having to go back to work tomorrow made me feel like I was wasting my time off if I didn't start doing something and/or nothing immediately!!! and squeeze every possibly drop of enjoyment out of it. But I had so many choices -- organize my office, make some jewelry, watch a movie, catch up on emails, shop online for interesting socks, nap -- that I couldn't decide which option was absolutely perfect and would not fill me with regret for not picking something else. So while I fretted, I watched a bunch of crap on YouTube and kept refreshing my Facebook page in case something interesting suddenly happened. And time kept ticking away.

And I realized what was making me crazy this morning. And I turned the computer off. Look, I love Gmail and LOLcats and boxers on trampolines as much as anyone else. But sometimes the timesuck that is the Internet makes me miserable with all its shiny and flashy. So I shut my computer down, made a cup of tea, and sat on the sofa with a new book. Within 20 minutes, I was sucked into the story and feeling much calmer. And the day was not wasted.

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