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My job has changed quite a bit in the last six months. I work for a big nonprofit, and where before I spent almost all my time in our "corporate" office downtown, now I travel to our program sites all over town several times a month for meetings and stuff. Which means taking the CTA at non-rush hours.

I love this. I mean, I'm still on the clock and I spend my train time proofreading or doing other worky things. But something about riding the El in the middle of a work day is thrilling. I feel like I'm getting away with something. Here I am gliding above the city while the other working stiffs are plopped in front of their desks, getting carpal tunnel syndrome and eating vending machine food with only the buzz of the fluorescent lights and the voices in their heads to keep them company! But not me! I'm free to look at trees and shop windows and dogs frolicking in parks! And there's always a seat!

As the CTA's magic voice man used to say, "This is grand."

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