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OK, so maybe planning to post something new every single day during the busiest six weeks of the year was overly ambitious of me. One day last week, I honestly just forgot to post something, and then for several days afterward, I just couldn't. Last week was tough -- long days at work and lots of activity, compounded by some mysterious back trauma that made even fun stuff like go-go class difficult to endure happily.

Not that the week was devoid of goodness! Here are some highlights:

--seeing a bunch of my favorite local theater types in Verbatim Verboten
--an open house and studio sale at WomanCraft, a program you should totally love and support because they are crafty-minded and socially responsible and tremendous on so many levels
--the El Vez/Los Straitjackets show at the Double Door last Friday night. El Vez is the hardest-working man in showbiz, and he looks fabulous in a sparkly jumpsuit. And he seems like a really nice guy.
--Birthday party for a friend, involving both a sushi boat and a cupcake tree.
--Movie day with some crafty friends, watching silly things and eating snacks.

So, some good stuff, but not enough time to write about how much I liked it. This week will probably entail more of the same: I have at least five work events to attend and several year-end deadlines to meet, plus some personal obligations, and a go-go performance, and somewhere in there I need to bake cookies for one of the aforementioned work thingies and get my friggin' holiday cards mailed.

My blogging experiment may be running off the rails here, but I've still been trying to concentrate on the good things in my life and not get mired in stress-muck. And, oh, there will be stress this week! Here's to making it through to Saturday without getting a migraine or punching a caroler in the neck.

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