Holy Shit

Objects from my collection of religious kitsch. (photos by mr. jimmie, unless not)

little porcelain nun with mischievous grin
(garage sale)

nun with eucharist and, inexplicably, teapot. our lady of the scone and kettle.
(ladybug resale, forest park)

st. ciare of assisi, patron saint of television
(Archie McPhee)

glowing st. ciare, possibly as radioactive as your TV -- don't sit too close
(Archie McPhee)

plastic crucifix with shiny silver jesus and stations of the cross in gold -- so glam!
(pumpkin moon, oak park)

plastic mary, won for me at "late nite catechism" by my mr. jimmie's mom

a pink nun (made from advanced clothespin technology) from the pink nun

snow globe nun
(gift from amelia)

little glowing mary, for treatment of nightmares
(pumpkin moon, oak park)

nunzilla -- grrr!
(pumpkin moon, oak park)

sure, it looks like a harmless plastic statue of the blessed mother, but close the doors and...

...it's the virgin mary dildo shrine! completely unholy.
(garage sale)

little rubber squeaky nun, presumably for the amusement of devil children and hellhounds
(uncle fun)

nun finger puppets. i like to arrange them in "beatles" formation.

another nightmare chaser in the shape of mary. I have several of these in various shapes.
(some random dollar store)
his holiness makes you a green-apple martini! actually two separate pieces, but they go well together, don't you think?

the greatest thing we found in las vegas!

rosary boxes -- we keep 'em in the bathroom. perhaps some day i'll add some potpurri!
(stella designs)

mary, with tassles.
(pumpkin moon, oak park)

if only i had a tiny little car!
(random nyc souvenir store)

(photo by phineas)

the mime-christ, trapped in his invisible box. alas, there was no mime-christ walking against the wind.
(pontiac, MI, dollar store)

(photo by phineas)

the last supper drag revue! (click picture for girly details)
(pontiac, MI, dollar store)

(photos by phineas)

fourteen inches of solid nun! actually, she's hollow. she'd make a nice bank.
(uncle fun, chicago)
this versatile christ is both a wall hanging and a magnet, plus it's got a little cup in the front, maybe for spare change or something. Note: new modern jesus sports a red aids ribbon!
(random indiana truck stop)
3-d drag christ postcard.
(uncle fun, chicago)
as if the black velvet box weren't creepy enough, Miracle Eyes Jesus has luminescent orbs that follow you around the room.
(pumpkin moon, oak park)
3-d postcard of pope john paul II bursting into song.
(uncle fun, chicago)
"sister discipline" has a clicky thing on her back that make the ruler smack against her palm and produce an annoying sound.
(pumpkin moon, oak park)
little glowing mary's big sister, the glowing virgen de guadalupe!
(pumpkin moon, oak park)

I also own a collection of fine religious pamphlets, including chick tracts and other less-professionally crafted missives, many of which have been left under my windshield wipers in fruitless attempts to save me. Some day soon, I'll scan those in for your amusement.

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