New York rocks your fuckin' ass!

We (Jim and I) went to New York City at the end of October. The reason for our journey was to do our patriotic duty and pump some much-needed cash into Gotham's economy.

Actually, that's a big, fat lie. The real reason we went was to see the world premiere of Jim's stellar animated extravaganza "I Only Live Twice," featured as part of the Incorrect Music Video Show, presented twice annually by WFMU's dynamically incorrect duo, Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boulé.

Yes. We traveled by plane halfway across the country to the epicenter of Recent Unpleasantries to watch the most horrifying displays of filmed incorrectitude the world has ever seen. We are dedicated. Perhaps we are insane. Either way, we had a blast!

In addition to Jim's fabulous Flash rendering of a Japanese anti-drunk-driving ditty, we had the misfortune of witnessing:

  • clips from a terrible public-access show called "Stairway To Stardom" -- anyone who could pay the production fee could come on and belt out a tune. and we do mean anyone
  • a commercial for an appalling 1970s children's board game (thankfully discontinued) called Ball Busters
  • a decrepit Tiny Tim warbling "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" while being propped up by bikini-clad nubiles
  • a slighty less decrepit Raquel Welch warbling "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" while spinning ineptly around various famous fountains
  • excerpts from a children's potty-training video, featuring an unfortunate wiping lesson involving a stuffed bear, as well as a song called "I'm a Super-Duper Pooper"
  • an inexplicably sexed-up version of "If I Had a Hammer," cooed by Debbie Reynolds and a batallion of backup singer-dancers
  • a Mexican crooner, accompanied by a castanet-wielding matron, chugging his way through "New Jork, New Jork"
  • the extremely horrible Titler -- half-Nazi, half drag queen -- singing shit like "Cocksucker, cocksucker, suck me a cock." Do not click on that link. Seriously, no one should ever have to see Titler.

We did other things in New York, too. Please, look at the pictures. Won't you?


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